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Evangelistic and Prophetic messages proclaim Jesus as our soon coming King who fills the nations in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia with his glory as one final act of in-gathering mercy ahead of his return.  To this end we prophesy and pray for:

The Seed of Abraham – A Global In-Gathering of Jews and Muslims – Sons of Isaac and Ishmael

Reversing the Global Revival of Idolatry

The Changing of the Guard – Positioning of Political and Ecclesiastical Facilitators and Enablers of the Gospel

The Unveiling of the Woman – The Global Emergence of Women in Ministry

Manifestation of the Sons of God – The Maturing of Believers Globally


God has burdened GRM with a passion to see Jews and Muslims, scattered throughout the nations as well as in the Middle East, come to a living faith in Jesus Christ. In this regard, GRM joins with a great company of intercessors who have been carrying this burden and our hearts have been stirred as we have made a visit to the Holy Land, passed through Saudi Arabia, prayed for Indonesia, prayed for Israel and for Jews scattered around the world, prayed for Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan as the Spirit has led, from time to time.

Every time we pray for the physical descendants of Abraham, and those who have adopted the Jewish and Muslim religions, it seems like our passion for their salvation increases.


Standing in places where they never stood before, in places where their presence would have been unimaginable just a few years ago, giant physical symbols of our worship and devotion to other gods rise tall in the squares of formerly Christianized cities.

We have known for some time that the “walls of Christendom” have long been broken down in these places, but the emergence of visible idols towering over the marketplace have provided a jolt and a stark reminder of the idolatry that has pervaded our Western societies for some time. No longer invisible, no longer only hidden in the heart and in the underpinnings of Western culture, idolatry can now no longer be ignored, and it has become a focus of our prayers.

Now we pray the same prayers for the UK, USA and Guyana that we have fervently prayed for India as we have pleaded the cause of the Almighty as He contends against the worship of Idols. Behind idols are demonic forces who answer to Satan, the god of this world, and who desires to be worshiped instead of the Almighty. Strongholds are built up in the minds of people – imaginations concerning the worth and power of these idols, and these opinions are validated validated by supernatural works of demon spirits. These strongholds are pulled down by prayer and by the proclamation of the truth, validated with signs following. Prayer is vital in this battle for the hearts of men, for it is prayer that opens the door to the physical messengers of God and their spiritual assistants, sent to validate the truth to the hearts of the hearers.


God the Father is judge of all the earth, and in this regard he is the arbitrator and enforcer of every human covenant. To the extent that men organize themselves into nations and agree to do so, those covenants of nationhood are made before God, even though in many cases the nations do not realize it.

In addition to the agreements that exist in the national covenant, God has his own articles that are appended to every covenant, as the creator and Father of mankind and therefore of all the nations, he appends a requirement for every nation to defend and protect Israel, to defend and protect the church (meaning believers, members of Christ’s body), and to protect the spread of the Gospel. the latter is of primary importance because without the Gospel, although God will bless men in this life where they adhere to the law of God and the law of the land, they will perish eternally without the Gospel. If you deny people access to the Gospel, it would be better for you that “a millstone was hung about your neck and you were cast into the sea.”

God is not the one who makes the covenants the humans make, he merely enforces them. Nations reap the result of the agreements they make or they cause to be made by their electoral choices or by their lack of protest, but God will put one leader down and raise another up in his role as Judge, and for the purpose of executing judgment. This is often done in response to the prayer the prayers of the saints, and this is why we pray for the “changing of the guard” in nations resistant to the spread of the Gospel.


From the earliest days after the resurrection, the testimony of Jesus began to be proclaimed by women, and shortly afterwards by men. Thereafter, testimony would become the means by which the Gospel was spread around the world. Ordinary believers would simply tell of what the Lord had done, and of who he was – that He was raised from the dead, and is alive and present, and that He is Almighty God in human form, who saves us from our sins. All who believe this news and trust Jesus for their salvation as a result will escape the eternal death and damnation to which we are otherwise resigned.

To the extent that many societies have evolved to where women are more likely to gossip the Good News of salvation for all, in those societies women have moved into the forefront of the spread of the Gospel. In many of those societies men have been the gatekeepers of religious knowledge and doctrine. Clergy have abrogated to themselves the sole rights to sharing knowledge about religious truth, and the spread of the true Gospel has been hindered as a result.

Women have been oppressed, and kept hidden, behind veils and in back rooms where the testimony of Jesus cannot be heard. But across the world, God is “unveiling” the women. In the two nations where Christianity is growing fastest in the world at the moment, women are in the forefront of the spread of the Gospel. Like Lydia of old, they are planting churches which are not becoming mega churches, but instead are multiplying rapidly, and meeting discreetly.


For years, the church has been “protected” from doctrines that suggest that believers can mature into a greater and greater likeness to Jesus Christ. The implications of this maturing would be devastating for the church enterprise, who would find itself responsible for training, educating and maturing people that were more mature than the trainers, and would therefore diminish the authority of the clergy.

On the other hand, the closing of the age and the imminent return of the Lord requires a cadre of harvesters who are conformed to the image of Christ and committed to His cause. At the end of the age, the most important question will be – who is Jesus Christ, really? Which Jesus should we believe in? The purpose of five fold ministry as described in Ephesians 4: “So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

In 2 Cor 5, the responsibility of reconciling men to God was assigned to “ambassadors”, and in Col 3, ordinary believers are described as “representatives” of Christ. By virtue of their resemblance to Christ in how they treat their husbands, wives, children, servants, masters they represent him – in other words, they present a picture of what the real Jesus looks like, so that men and women will believe in the true Christ – Jesus of Nazareth, the “older brother” of his maturing siblings.