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The mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya was in the works for about 18 months and was postponed a couple of times because of Covid-19.

When we eventually landed in Nairobi, it was at the end of a very successful Go Month in which a large evangelistic mission to Africa was successfully concluded. The first order of business for the GRM Mission was to encourage churches in Africa to depend on the Holy Spirit to stir up believers to follow-up and disciple converts who received Christ in the mission.


It was a wonderful experience to finally meet in person all the people that we had only seen on Zoom, and we felt like we had become close friends. After all, we had been meeting weekly with most of them (thrice weekly for some) for over a year! Praying together has a way of bringing you closer than in other more casual settings,so we felt like we were reconnecting with long lost family!

The first week of the mission was a four day conference in the immaculate Eagles Christian Church where Dr Stephen Mutua was pastor. GRM’s first conference in Africa was marked with excellence and anointing, as GRM Africa was launched!

The second week of the mission was based at Huduma Christian Revival Church in Ongata Rongai, and here GRM had a powerful Open Air meeting labelled One Night to Save a Nation, that engaged with the entire community, as well as scores of pastors and politicians.

As it was in the Mexico mission, One Night to Save a Nation was a highlight of the Nairobi mission trip.


The mission ended with a One Day women’s conference and concluded with a Fire Station seminar. GRM Africa was launched!