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What are Fire Stations and why do we need them?

Small groups (5 persons or less) that meet for a short while each week, either physically or virtually.

Fire Stations meet for the purpose of bringing God to our cities, a sort of access point through which God can reveal His Firey presence.

They are small groups that learn together how to pray in ever increasing confidence that God is hearing, speaking and infusing their fellowship with his faith and his fire.

They are a message from God to the communities in which they exist that God hasn’t abandoned them – in fact His desire is to dwell with our communities as their King.

Fire Stations pray for revival.

Fire Stations are essentially prayer meetings that expect God to manifest his presence.

Expect to pray in a Fire Station, and expect prayers to grow in effectiveness!!

Fire Stations are not isolated prayer groups – they are connected by means of prayer lists, teachings, prophetic encouragements and testimonies which all serve to build faith, week on week.

Virtual groups meet when a group admin initiates a scheduled call and they keep in touch through the week via the group chat.
Physical groups meet at a scheduled time and place with someone taking responsility for conducting the meeting.

Both types of groups are facilitated by material on the GRM website.